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Established in 1996, Fun 2 Dance has become one of the primary providers of couples swing and country dance instruction in the greater Niagara Region.

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Our logo "fun 2 dance" speaks for itself. We recognize that there is a direct correlation between having fun and developing your dance skills. We are a husband & wife instructional team which offers our students the benefit of practicing with experienced dance partners.

Our home studio offers us a location where we can conduct private, semi-private, & small group sessions. We are a licensed DJ service providing the music for our own dance events which allows us to match the music to the lessons taught, thereby, providing an extra benefit to our dancers.

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We have been Social Swing dance instructors since 1996 in all levels of West Coast & East Coast Swing, Hustle, Nightclub 2, Country 2-Step & Cha, as well as basics in social Foxtrot, Salsa & Merengue.

We have taught throughout Ontario & Buffalo including the School Board of Niagara, Parks & Rec., Toronto Swing Dance Society, Toronto Open Swing & Hustle Championships, Toronto International Championships, Canadian Dance Classic, Swing Niagara Championships, Hamilton Festival of Dance & our home studio in Grimsby, Ontario.

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Anyone and Everyone! We always welcome those with little or no dance experience in order to promote growth in the dance community. We work with singles or couples who desire to improve their current dance skills.

As professional educators, our extensive dance training with top professionals throughout the USA & Canada allows us to provide quality instruction in a "fun and casual" atmosphere. As professional, licensed DJ’s, we provide extensive music choices to accommodate dancers.


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    Check with us for details. We offer instruction in the following dances: West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing (triple swing jive, Cha-Cha, Hustle, Nightclub 2, Foxtrot and Salsa. We also offer lessons in Country 2-Step and various other Country couples dances. Please contact us for pricing.

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    Organize a group of 5-7 couples for a 1 hour lesson or series of lessons. You pick the night (based on availability) You pick the dance (West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, Cha Cha-Cha, Nightclub 2, Hustle, Salsa, Fox Trot, Country 2-Step, Fixed/Traveling Pattern Dances. Please contact us for pricing.

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    Make your "special dance" a memory to last a life time. Even if you are not an experienced dancer, we can choreograph a simple routine that will be easy for you to follow and amaze your friends and family. This is a great way to take some of that stress away before the wedding and build your confidence on the dance floor. Prepare for your first dance with the same care you give to your invitations, gowns, catering, flowers and music.

    Plan at least 5-6 months prior to your wedding day so that you have time to choose your special song, the type of dance you wish to do, and take lessons before "wedding jitters" set in. If you find yourself in a last minute crunch however, we can be at your service.

    For more details, or to book an appointment, contact us.

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    Private lessons are your best bet as you will be able to dance exclusively with your fiancé, choose your own music, and the instruction will focus totally on the two of you as a couple. Hence, a choreographed routine is often recommended.

    Group classes are available for the entire wedding party. All participants are required to change partners throughout; the music is frequently chosen at the discretion of the instructor. NOTE: Private lessons can be purchased simply, in discounted packages, or in combination with group classes.

    Choose your music. Bring us as many choices as possible of the music you prefer and we'll help you determine if it is "danceable" Expert Advice. We'll help you decide if a choreographed routine or random patterns are best for you.


We are a fully licensed "DJ" service with a large variety of music (over 8000 tracks) from the '50's to the present. We also offer entertainment such as group line dance instruction, social ballroom, Latin or swing for couples/singles, Dance Demos and more!

DJ/Entertainment Packages are available. Please contact us for pricing. or (905) 945-3422 or cell: (905) 975-1616



icon 1 Home Studio: Burgess Drive, Grimsby ON

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Feel free to contact us via phone or email for details, or to book an appointment/consultation.

We do send out a newsletter occasionally, outlining our dance classes as well as the dances/events that we are involved with in and around our area.

If you would like to receive our newsletter, please send us your e-mail address so we can add you to our mailing list.


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